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Why Paper straws suck Nowadays, many of us are looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious. We’ve swapped plastic bags for reusable totes, changed our transportation methods to reduce carbon emissions, and switched over to metal or paper straws. Unfortunately, while we may think that using paper straws is the eco-friendly way to go, they just aren’t equal winners in the sustainability battle when faced with other alternatives. In this blog post, we'll look at why that pesky paper straw isn't actually as great as it seems and how you can make a better environmental choice when ordering your next beverage

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All the ways we can think of to clean our SUCKITUPstraws. How to clean metal, silicone, glass straws at home or on the move with our very popular travel straws.

We also show our straw cleaning rack for hospitality businesses so that they can serve reusable straws instead of crappy paper or shitty plastic straws. By using our rack cafes and restaurants can remove over 35,000 single use straws from cycle. As well as lessening the impact on mother nature we help businesses save over $4000 a year on expendables! 

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Suck It Up Straws' founders Danielle Pardoe and Isaac Pene have a world first. No longer is allowing your establishment to become Eco-Friendly, Enviro-conscious, a costly exercise. To become more sustainable in our business practices and the environment we need to think more along the lines of Reuse rather than replace. If we can do it with cutlery, crockery and, glassware why would we not do it with straws? This theory got Danielle and Isaac dipping into their kiwi ingenuity and with the help of some Aussie Engineers, created a dishwashing rack guaranteed to clean over 100 Stainless Steel Straws with each load. Saving time, money, waste and the environment each time!

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