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Discover the revitalizing power of hydrogen water! Our latest blog delves into the remarkable health benefits of this antioxidant-rich elixir. Learn how owning a personal hydrogen water bottle can enhance your daily hydration, boost your energy, and support your overall wellness. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with every sip—read more to find out how a hydrogen water bottle can be your ultimate companion for both health and convenience. Join the hydration revolution today!

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Biodegradable Plastic Straws  We’ve talked bans, we’ve talked bad plastic, and how it takes like a million years for one straw to decompose right? So, what about the murky areas of biodegradable “plastic straws” do they Biodegrade properly, How long does it take? Is there a button I press to make them biodegrade? And this plastic is allowed, right? With our limited research that we were able to conduct due to there not being any black and white answers, this is what we were able to find. I think what has happened to be perfectly honest with you is the...

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Suck It Up Straws' founders Danielle Pardoe and Isaac Pene have a world first. No longer is allowing your establishment to become Eco-Friendly, Enviro-conscious, a costly exercise. To become more sustainable in our business practices and the environment we need to think more along the lines of Reuse rather than replace. If we can do it with cutlery, crockery and, glassware why would we not do it with straws? This theory got Danielle and Isaac dipping into their kiwi ingenuity and with the help of some Aussie Engineers, created a dishwashing rack guaranteed to clean over 100 Stainless Steel Straws with each load. Saving time, money, waste and the environment each time!

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