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Discover the revitalizing power of hydrogen water! Our latest blog delves into the remarkable health benefits of this antioxidant-rich elixir. Learn how owning a personal hydrogen water bottle can enhance your daily hydration, boost your energy, and support your overall wellness. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with every sip—read more to find out how a hydrogen water bottle can be your ultimate companion for both health and convenience. Join the hydration revolution today!

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All the ways we can think of to clean our SUCKITUPstraws. How to clean metal, silicone, glass straws at home or on the move with our very popular travel straws.

We also show our straw cleaning rack for hospitality businesses so that they can serve reusable straws instead of crappy paper or shitty plastic straws. By using our rack cafes and restaurants can remove over 35,000 single use straws from cycle. As well as lessening the impact on mother nature we help businesses save over $4000 a year on expendables! 

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