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Why Paper straws suck Nowadays, many of us are looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious. We’ve swapped plastic bags for reusable totes, changed our transportation methods to reduce carbon emissions, and switched over to metal or paper straws. Unfortunately, while we may think that using paper straws is the eco-friendly way to go, they just aren’t equal winners in the sustainability battle when faced with other alternatives. In this blog post, we'll look at why that pesky paper straw isn't actually as great as it seems and how you can make a better environmental choice when ordering your next beverage

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Part two of the worlds biggest unanswered question - Why Straws Man? 

Of course, coming into this industry even into the hospitality industry as not an expert in either field, not a master chef nor do I fly my cult flag every time I go to a march. I am just a person looking into an industry that could by a change implemented over night make an impact, a 500 million kind of impact.

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A fun 5 min read on a question I get asked a lot. Why Straws? Why Reusable Straws? Why Do it Champ? - Hint it is one of the easiest things in your life to swap out and has such a big impact. So read this for your more than normal kiwi girl living in Aussie who made the swap :)

If I can you can! 

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I know Covid stuffed up a lot of thigs for everyone, a lot of businesses crumbled BUT a lot succeeded and found new innovative ways to sell their products or services. We firstly thought we were done as we were predominantly selling reusable straws to the hospitality industry (specifically establishments that offered dine in service).  But Thanks to Covid, SUCKITUPstraws learnt how to pivot. We found a gap in the market and we needed to be more than just online and local markets we needed to be in retail – brick and mortar stores. We needed to be by our impulse buyers, so we put our retail straws where customers actually needed them in stores, gift stores, florists’ cafes and some restaurants etc.

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Biodegradable Plastic Straws  We’ve talked bans, we’ve talked bad plastic, and how it takes like a million years for one straw to decompose right? So, what about the murky areas of biodegradable “plastic straws” do they Biodegrade properly, How long does it take? Is there a button I press to make them biodegrade? And this plastic is allowed, right? With our limited research that we were able to conduct due to there not being any black and white answers, this is what we were able to find. I think what has happened to be perfectly honest with you is the...

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