SUCKITUPstraws Retail Opportunities & Partner Cafes

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SUCKITUPstraws Retail Opportunities & Partner Cafes

I know covid stuffed up things for everyone, many businesses crumbled BUT a lot have succeeded by finding innovative ways to sell their products or services. Initially, we thought we were done.  We were predominantly selling reusable straws to the hospitality industry (specifically establishments that offered dine-in service).  However, thanks to Covid, SUCKITUPstraws learnt how to pivot. We saw a gap in the market, and we realised we needed to be more than just online and at local market. We needed to be in retail – brick and mortar stores. We needed to be by our impulse buyers, so we put our retail straws where customers actually needed them: in cafes and restaurants, gift stores and florists. Our mission at SUCKITUPstraws is to provide the consumer with the same convenience as single use plastic straws, therefore eliminating the need for them. Our “travel and portable” range are super popular for personal use or as a gift. With the affordable price point and the convenience they offer, the demand and uptake of these straws has been insane.

Globally Green Gifting is on the rise, quadrupling over the last 5 years.  Over 1500 of our telescopic straws were bought in 2 weeks in November, 2020 alone. Our reusable straws are a great topical gift for all ages. With States such as QLD, SA and VIC already announcing the move to eliminate single use plastic (emphasis being on straws and cups), it won’t be long till the rest of the country, and the Pacific does as well.

 Establishments like McDonalds have already made the shift to paper, and the consumer is not impressed.  Customers who buy our straws online typically do so for gifts or are planning ahead (especially since the announcements of single use plastic bans). However, when faced with the “disastrous paper straw” they look for IMMEDIATE alternatives. We have filled the gap with the development of our consignment-based stands.

This is the market you want to be in.

SUCKITUP Straws provides a CONSIGNMENT based stand to retail stores with 20 travel straws.

The Retail Stand Pack:

  • Has a retail value of over $250
  • All Travel Straws come with a straw, cleaning brush and carry case with clip.
  • The straws in the pouch and metal case are both stainless steel 304 grade (same as your cutlery) They are both telescopic and have a 6mm-9mm drinking aperture.
  • Your outlet can offer these trendy eco-alternatives instead of takeaway straws and be a market leader.
  • The straws retail at $15 and are a 'hot' seller and favoured option for our website customers.
  • You can choose a cool combination of telescopic straws made from stainless steel or silicon options. They all come with a reusable straw, carry case and cleaning brush.
  • Allows you to become an eco-conscious leader.
  • Send a photo of the SUCKITUPstraws Stand in your store and we will feature you on our social media as our profile partner for the week.

We are continuing to grow our business to business network.  At the time of writing, we were in over 65 stores across Australia and New Zealand. We will launch in the USA over the next couple of months so we want to serve the country first that looked after us and our business through covid. So, if you are interested in becoming a partner with us then please contact us either on our socials or emails Remembering as well the “shop local campaigns.” If we can drive our online ecommerce customers to your store, we will because it in turn enables us to fill our mission: “putting SUP alternatives into the public to offer the same convenience as SUP. We can do this by promoting you on our social media as well as providing a link to your socials, website & store.

It really is a win-win situation. And the best bit is it costs you nothing, well maybe If you live in Africa, we might charge you shipping. If your store is not local and you want our stand to display your straws, it’s around $20 shipping.  Otherwise, everything is consignment based, you pay for what you sell!

Pretty good deal for one of the hottest items around. Get in touch if you are interested. We are also attending the Reed Gift Expo 17-19 April in Sydney so if you are around, come down to Darling Harbour for a chat too.

This pack on consignment will cost the store $149, for buy now customers at the expo launch $119 including gst.