Stainless Steel Straws Made for the Hospitality Industry

We have something so brand spanking new coming to this space that we cant wait to share with you. I am actually hiding from legal while I write this. 

I cant tell you too much but if you are in any of the below industries you NEED to check back in with us after the Food Service Australia Expo 23-25 June 2019. 

          • Aged Care
          •  Cafe's
          • Restaurants
          • Bar's
          • Smoothie chains
          • Milkshake Bars
          • Airlines
          • Hotel's


This will save your company whatever industry in you are in money, whilst saving you face with customers, clients and more importantly the environment.

Our idea is a game changer it provides, business owners the opportunity to re brand themselves as enviro friendly, whilst keeping the money in their pockets and even more insulting the customer when you serve their drink with paper. 

If you are in any of the above industry's, and you want to know more about our World First and how SIU Straws can help your company become:

  • Environment Friendly
  • Pocket Friendly & 
  • Customer Friendly.  or 0434766121