We are Isaac & Dani the Founders of ‘Suck It Up’ Straws. Basically, we are just two genuine caring people that wanted to make a difference by helping reduce the amount of plastic straws polluting our environment. In particular the estimated 8 Billion floating around in our oceans.

We have a strong connection to the sea and its home to the greatest abundance of life on our planet, yet it currently it is trying to stomach and hold an increasing amount of pollution caused by the beings that depend on it the most, people.  

They say the smallest of actions are better than the biggest of intentions…so here is our small intention; “for every one stainless-steel straw sold 512 plastic straws are taken out of circulation” and here is where the SIU journey began .. 


Suck It Up Straws have grown from a small business operating in a 3x3 country market site connecting with a diverse range of smaller communities to educate and support local town, businesses as the war on single use plastic packaging advances.  

Change takes time and for many communities the transition from plastic to alternative & sustainable material was a big mindset change as we saw with the plastic bag ban. This is why we decided our first step was to travel to these communities to educate and help prepare, as in this war, information & education are the best weapons (which we see repeatedly at the markets from the younger generation educating their parents & caregivers on stainless steel straws). From travelling extensively to the Gold Coast and Hinterland markets to successfully operating an ecommerce store that has turned over $15,000 in 4 months . From building a large B2C client base to now offering our services, products and brand to bigger businesses, we know what’s coming next and from some late nights to 100 hours a week we have developed a solution for businesses that will tick all three boxes: 

  • Environment friendly / enables sustainability  
  • Consumer friendly (End user - customer pleasing)  
  • Cost effective for every one!