SUCKITUP is an environmentally conscious company run by Danielle and Ihirangi two inspired and well-travelled humans with a passion for the world that we all share. It's through firsthand experiences they have borne witness to the devastation that single-use plastic causes throughout our waterways, our land, our nature and our culture.

 "Convenience," they said.

 The SUCKITUP founders have a ceaseless determination to provide the same convenience that single-use plastic straws possess, cost-effectively, while putting mother nature and her people first. They provide access to stylish, affordable, durable and reusable, stainless steel, glass, high-grade silicone, telescopic and portable straws. From as small as 6mm drinking diameter (suitable for water, juice, fizzy) to 12mm (think bubble / bobo tea, chunky smoothies and shakes). We have a reusable straw for all tastes. 

 With much excitement, the SUCKITUP team recently launched the smart, reusable straw dishwasher rack. Not only does it allow for deep cleaning in commercial dishwashers, but it permits exceptional hygiene standards and gives businesses the ability to adapt to the sustainable practices they have dreamed of.