A World First Suck It Up Straws Cleaning Rack

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A World First Suck It Up Straws Cleaning Rack


The Souls Behind This Venture

 Suck It Up Straws was founded by Isaac & Danielle, two genuine caring people who wanted to make a difference by helping reduce the number of plastic straws polluting our environment. In particular, there are an estimated 8 billion straws floating around in our oceans. ​

We have a strong connection to the sea. For us, the sea is home to the greatest abundance of life on our planet, yet it currently is trying to stomach and hold an increasing amount of pollution caused by the beings that depend on it the most, people. :( ​

They say the smallest of actions are better than the biggest of intentions…so here is our small intention that we are taking action...slowly but surely!

for every one stainless-steel straw sold 512 plastic straws are taken out of circulation” and this is where the SIU journey began...​


The Beginning

Change takes time and for many communities, the transition from plastic to alternative and sustainable material was a big mindset change as we saw with the plastic bag ban. This is why we decided our first step was to travel to these communities to educate and help prepare, as, in this war, information and education are the best weapons (which we see repeatedly at the markets from the younger generation educating their parents and caregivers on stainless steel straws).

From travelling extensively to the Gold Coast and Hinterland markets to successfully operating an e-commerce store and building a large B2C client base to now offering our services, products, and brand to bigger businesses, we know what’s coming next and from some late nights to 100 hours a week we have developed a solution for businesses that will tick all three boxes: ​

  1. Environment-friendly/enables sustainability
  2. Consumer-friendly (End-user - customer-pleasing) ​
  3. Cost-effective for everyone! ​

The Reality

If an individual consumer buys 1 stainless straw that takes out on average 512 plastic straws right? (great work by the individual) But if a business buys 50 SS straws (at cost) then the business is taking out 25,600 plastic straws, if they buy 100 then 51,200 straws are removed and 200 means that business has played their role and they have helped remove 102,400 plastic straws from circulation.

Sadly, that is only 1% of the estimated straws Aussies use daily! You get my point though right.




The Good News!!


Did you also know that SIU has invented a way to clean 100 straws all at once?

Yes! We heard the bar managers and the restaurant owners’ complaints, concerns, gripes, and groans of going into "green business."


  1.     Cost
  2.     Cleaning and time.


What is the easiest way to save money? Don't spend it. Don't spend $$ replacing items and that is the associated costs with paper, wheat, avocado, and some bamboo. With the SIU Rack think reuse, not recycle and/or decomposable. Think reuse not replace. So, if I can give businesses cost price for straws and enable them to get 100-200 uses from that one straw then Damn Danielle, SIU has now enabled businesses to save the environment AND save their $$!


"I am not bottle brushing 100 straws every day especially in the busy periods in the bar, it won't work. I want stainless steel because they add satisfaction and class to my restaurant but nope, no sir I am personally not or making my staff bottle brush 100 Straws daily." Well, easy tiger, SIU has got you sorted there too! The same product that saves you $$ and literally stopped you throwing $$ out is back again to save you and your staff time.


The SIU Rack can clean (probably more effectively that a tired teenage dish boy) 100 Stainless Straws at any given time.


Oh, one last thing, whilst we can't stop your customers from walking out the door with them, just like Wiltshire can’t stop your cutlery leaving either - we can give you the option to logo up your straws (included in the SIU Rack Pack Price). So, if your Straws do end up walking out of your store least, they have your name on them, think of it as your business card! It’s a win-win!

The SIU Rack Pack

The SIU team is taking pre-orders and this price will only last till the end of 2019.

200 x Stainless Steel Straws

  • Logo-engraved (no extra cost)
  • Any colour
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel

1 x SIU Cleaning Rack

  • Commercial Grade
  • Recycled PP
  • Holds 100 Straws
  • Built to clean straws efficiently
  • Designed for maximum water flow
  • Patented Design / World First / Nothing like it!