Travel is Open... So How Do We Keep The Balance?

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Travel is Open... So How Do We Keep The Balance?


When traveling, you know bag space is prime real estate, right? But, do you know what has even more value?


We go to these destinations and yes, we get to experience these natural views, these untouched destinations where we can write blogs, make cool videos, and do it all for the gram (because if it’s not on the gram it obviously didn’t happen) but what happens when those natural views are replaced with landfill holes or those untouched destinations are touched with miles of rubbish (aka the great Pacific rubbish patch.)

Well, we shouldn’t expect to take that all for ourselves and not leave it for others, for our children and their children, right?

With Covid and nationwide lockdowns came the rest that nature and the natural environment needed. The rest from us, from humankind! (Hurts, doesn’t it?)  Mother Earth showed us what we were missing out on by rushing, being ungrateful, and not appreciating what was growing literally under our noses. Now, I don’t know about you, but I want to keep seeing dolphins in the canals & deer in the neighbourhoods in Japan.

So we need to protect it, we do this by taking only photos and leaving only footprints. Such a stock standard saying right? Well since we were all so good at following that one, we’ve adapted it, and I am here to give you the 3 Post Pandemic Eco-Travel Rules


Have you thought about how much rubbish and waste YOU leave behind?

Yup, I went there….

Because we talk about the prime real estate in our bag, but what about the prime real estate being used in each country we travel to for LANDFILL because of our rubbish.

Imagine if each traveler took their own reusables (clipped to the outside so not having any impact on the real estate in their bag!)

Don’t think you would make an impact? Well, read on….

Because if each traveler to the USA took their own Stainless Steel straw, they would save 140 million Single-Use straws from entering landfills (that’s 2000 miles of rubbish) a week!

If every tourist to South America took their own Keep Cup, they would save over 27 million coffee cups a day from entering the environment making 243,000kg or 535,723 pounds of waste.

If each visitor to Asia took their own reusable bottle, they would remove over 3.6 billion plastic bottles (360 million tourists annually x 10 water bottles brought on average during their stay).

Which reusable item could you pick for your next journey in order for you to adhere to, the post pandemic eco travel rules…?

making only memories and not waste, taking only photos and leaving only your footprints behind?