STRAWS, STRAWS, STRAWS What the Actual Straw

STRAWS, STRAWS, STRAWS What the Actual Straw

Straws, Straws, Straws – who knew 5 years ago these things used to aid drinking would be the talk of the town. The 15th most googled product in 2020 and a part of $75 Million Dollar industry? The world has gone straw crazy, obviously we have. We started a business in providing access to affordable and stylish straws two years ago after a career in the military, it wasn’t a natural progression ladder I promise you 😊!

Anyway us with the world has gone Straw Crazy and states across aussie are banning the use of the plastic kind as they rightfully should. This is not a blog about all the reasons why the Single Use Plastic Ban should happen its about you, and finding the right alternative to the Single Use Plastic (SUP) Straw for YOU! This blog is to help you find the right match for you before you spend money, time and effort on the replacement straw. Our fave and preferred straw is anything reusable obviously we aren’t a fan of the single use buzz even if its biodegradable.

So lessgoooo ….

Alternatives to single use plastic straws.

-Glass: This is like the Rolls-Royce of straws. It’s about the look and they look pretty darn spanky in a classy cocktail. Think more at home in a girls cocktail evening situation. Our Glass Straws (like most I think) are made from Borosilicate Glass (the bottom of a beer bottle thickness). They aren’t made to be a take any where straw for obvious reasons (so I guess that’s a con). But for in home use they are swanky, classy and a perfect add to cocktails. The different colours and styles add for a perfect touch pink or aqua tinted glass (are popular) or the Grey and green twisted variety scream exclusive. We have sold our glass straws to high end cocktail bars and cafes who want to separate themselves and their customers. They are also 100% dishwasher safe.

- Silicone: Def the straw for kids, or adults that cant be trusted with glass (maybe bring them out after one or two of the cocktails?? 😊 Honestly some people just like the taste or feel of silicone better than they do metal and or glass. Silicone straws also won’t hit your teeth like metal can. We also provide silicone tips for the metal straws which for some is a welcome accessory. The cons of silicone straw is for some the taste and feel, and it doesn’t keep the cold like a metal straw does. We have them in such a range of colours its not funny and for those that want to make sure it’s super clean, we have a clear colour silicone straw. If that doesn’t float your boat you can also opt for the “tearaway straw.” The Tearaway allows you to open up them straw with a resealable zip (like a ziplock bag) so you can turn them inside out and clean them that way too. Our Silicone Straws are BPA Free, FDA Approved and dishwasher safe.  We also put our Nobu Straws in the “Silicone Category” but they are made from Recycled PP, Silicone and Coffee Beans! How cool is this (they are only offered in a 12mm drinking aperture so they are pretty big (made for bubble tea drinkers). But they don’t feel like silicone or metal and the Pro Range is insulated so that’s a win there too 😊 The only negative is it noticeably bigger for a travel straw but that would be my only con.

- Paper I don’t even want to go here so I wont. You all know.

- Bamboo: Better than paper, but as a reusable straw no thank you – you can’t see the inside from any angle. We all know what happens to bamboo once it gets wet and is left damp over time. As a single use straw, don’t have a problem with it. Aesthetically (after covid) I am also personally done with eating off anything that is cardboard, wood or bamboo. Call me precious but just thinking of it touching my tongue grosses me out now.  #1 Tip from lockdowns buy local restaurant café etc. wither get uber eats or pick up and take home with your own crockery, cutlery and straws. (Hence the demand for our travel cutlery sets too I guess for those who wanted to takeaway picnics in their cars.)

- Wheat, Grass, hay and rice straws. As a single use not an issue. Except for anything thick and did any one else get floaties from the straw if you stirred your drink with your straw ?

-Compostable / biodegradable straws – great idea especially for those in the hospitality industry facing the single use plastic ban. Great alternative until you read the fine print and these actually don’t biodegrade in 6 months, the fact that these companies have put their prices up and oh yeah how about they will also be banned as part of the SUP ban too. Hmmm.

- Metal Straws: Not just mine but the overall favourite from everyone here at SUCKITUPstraws. So lets address the elephant in the room. I have heard them all and the most common con of a metal straw is they are dangerous. Yup so is a knife probably more so than a straw. Just Saying. “You could trip and fall and your straw could kill you, my kid could bite the straw and break their teeth, you could use it to stab some one.” Again all great horror stories and statements you have there. If that’s the way you feel we have alternatives maybe not for the stabbing, but if you don’t trust yourself if you are an adult walking with a metal straw then go silicone or better yet put a silicone cap on the metal straw and boom you have the best of both worlds (our travel straws come with a silicone cap for this exact situation). You can do the same for children as well, silicon caps are about .50c and people also use it them when they don’t like the taste of metal. If you have any more cons that I haven’t addressed please do let me know. The Pros of metal straws outweigh the cons for sure. The biggest Pro of Metal Straws is they are the only 100% Recyclable and reusable straw in the world. Our Metal, Stainless Steel Straws are made from 304g Stainless Steel (this is the same grade stainless steel as your cutlery) therefore they are dishwasher safe and one of the most hygienic steels in the world. The colours are made for fun and style they are vacuum plated and will last over 300 washes before they start showing wear and tear. Unless you have the Silver colour, these are not vacuum plated and are natural colour so you will get more washes. With the silicone caps the harshness is take from the metal feel, so you cold drinks can be enjoyed cold and hot drinks can be enjoyed hot (the silicone cap stops the straw from getting hot). I believe there is nothing better to have a cold milkshake, smoothie, thick shake with than a Stainless Steel Straw.  Cleaning wise they are the easiest to clean as well. You can get cleaning brushes for $2 or they come free with the gift set and travel straws. The travel straws are telescopic so they fold away meaning you can carry them around (keyring or in your handbag) without having to take the gift set straws (fixed 210mm) straws around every where you go. These straws are also dishwasher safe, so give them a rinse out at the café put them in the case till you get home throw them in the dishwasher (not the case itself is not dishwasher safe, my mum found that one out – so thanks mum) and your ready to go again.

Again our mission at SUCKITUPstraws is to provide the same access and convenience as SUP straws to the consumer. If we can provide a range that costs the same as plastic straws then you as the consumer will hopefully choose reuse over replace all the time.  We make it affordable through reusing – think the same reusable mantra as coffee cups, if we provide our own straw the smoothie bar doesn’t need to front that cost therefore a discount maybe applied to our smoothie.

So there it is the true break down on SUP straw alternatives, I spoke the truth and I know this will rustle some feathers but it is that. Choose your preference, we just hope it is a reusable preference.