Are you Eco Conscious ? Probs not and here is why it is ok....?

Are you Eco Conscious ? Probs not and here is why it is ok....?

What it means to be Eco Friendly, Environmentally Responsible, Sustainable and Eco-Conscious, argh so many labels and so little time…

So little time to actually define what each means but simply put they are all open to interpretation and are mostly smoking mirrors or titles people put on themselves without doing the training required. Harsh? Hmm I don’t think so. Let me explain to you what I mean.

Is McDonalds an environmentally responsible business?

Is All you can eat at Chinese restaurant a sustainable fast-food joint?

Is Nike an eco-conscious organization?

Or is Qantas ecofriendly?

No probably not but they are, as per definition they have and practice green business. Not all of their process or practices are sustainable nor are they thinking about the environment when they are executed. BUT they do enough to pass and present as a Sustainable Green Business.

So how about you? Do you eat meat? Do You drive your car to the Gym? Do you like Prada, Gucci and buy Nike clothing? It’s ok you aren’t a bad a person nor are you the exact opposite of Eco Conscious. No, you are human, you are an especially good human if you do any of those above things and don’t think of yourself as eco conscious. That’s the HARSH TRUTH and the REALITY for us normal people out there (that don’t have massive PR campaigns or Branding Workshops). We think that because we eat meat or that if we go on holiday anywhere in an aero plane, we possibly couldn’t be eco conscious, because we are not being environmentally responsible or practicing being ecofriendly?

Yeah, Nah not by definition love.

You ARE being eco conscious when you are CONSCIOUS of the effect your actions (as little as they may seem) have on the environment.

You have heard me type, say and probably mime this before… MITIGATION rules the NATION. And if you haven’t then what I mean by this is… doing something is better than doing nothing. Especially when it comes to being eco conscious. You don’t have to go all in. To be honest unless you are living in cave, hermit, have no Wi-Fi and have unlimited vegetables that are magically grown in said cave then it is impossible to go to ALL IN on being ECO CONSCIOUS / SUSTAINABLE and run a 100% GREEN LIFE.

But its not all doom and gloom that is where MITIGATION comes into play. Its about being CONSCIOUS of your impact, lessen the impact WHERE YOU CAN. For example, I love Travelling, I fly in aero planes 1-3 times a year (before covid). I mitigate this with starting a reusable straw company and have helped my customers remove over 500 million single use plastic straws from circulation. That’s 500 million bits of plastic/paper/ not-so-compostable compostable straws from entering landfills. You see what I done there right?

I nearly gave up my businesses because I was afraid of the title, I was afraid of having to go all in (and I knew there was no way I could live without Wi-Fi in a cave on magical veges). I even got called out for eating a bacon and egg McMuffin. But I am so glad I didn’t listen to what I thought I had to be to run an eco-conscious business. Because then there would be 500 million more bits of waste in our landfills.

So, what’s that for you? What can you do to mitigate your love for a cheeseburger or your love for high end fashion? Maybe you love your 4wdin in your gas guzzler. What’s your mitigation?

Can you have a meat free Monday? 26 Kilos of meat per person a year on average 78kg of meat per household when you give up a day of meat.

Can you use a reusable straw (each reusable straw removes over 500 single use straws)?

Can you have coffee at home or work once a week (removes over 52 paper cups)

Can you use reusable coffee cups and remove over 260 paper cups a year?

Can you make your kids bike to the park, once a week?

I tell you mitigation is way better than being all in. because the irony is ALL IN ECO CONSCIOUS is not SUSTAINABLE.