5 Places Where You Can Bring a Reusable Bottle That You Didn't Think Was Possible.

5 Places Where You Can Bring a Reusable Bottle That You Didn't Think Was Possible.

With the world opening up to travel again we thought it would be a great idea to talk about the three rules to keep everyone including nature in check and in balance. If you haven’t read our last blog then (where have you been??) check it out because we introduce the three rules there..

As a brief overview they are 1. Leave Only Footprints, 2. Take Only Photos and 3. Make Memories Not Waste.

I’m a passionate traveller, I love to explore cities, beaches, forests, deserts, national parks, lakes and theme parks. I like most of you are already counting down the days to the next adventure to gagging to get that rush of excitement as you take off from your “safe base.” I really can’t wait. I remember when I first got into the “eco-conscious business” I thought shit I am going t have to give up my travel, my formula 1, my Nikes etc. all because it goes against what Eco Conscious people do. Well, I was wrong, those people who tried to shame me and my business yep they are wrong too. Because travel from interstate to international bring with them education, tourism $$, revenue for small communities, research $$ for nature projects such as endangered species survival ALL OF IT!

So, by not travelling to save the Environment we are actually cutting off much needed resources, there is a perfect key. The key is balance. Mitigation – you have heard me talk about this before, and I go into detail in my last blog how much we can save our travel destinations from our waste by choosing to reuse and not replace.

Three Key Items we can take on travels, to reduce our impact, footprint in our destinations. Reusable Coffee Cup (keep cup), Reusable Water Bottle and Travel Straw. Check out our last blog to see how much you will remove on average if you take one or all of these items.

To help us out I have found the 5 places where you can take your reusable bottle .. some of them we thought weren’t possible, but our research has proven us wrong. Which is super cool, because it not only saves the environment from more single use waste – but saves your $$ as well. Check out Disney that one is my favourite.

1. International Flights and Travel. With all the hoo haa with covid certificates, mask regulations, social distancing we thought we would find out for you what the low down was on reusable water bottles. As we know when you go through customs it’s the scariest thing even when you haven’t done anything wrong, you just hope you bag hasn’t got any residue of anything, or will those containers count etc.. Well, here is the truth and you can challenge any one (including your aunt who travels all the time) YOU CAN 100% TAKE REUSABLE BOTTLES on the plan, through customs etc. The clincher is to make sure it is empty before you go through customs. If its collapsible fold it up just to reduce being asked. If its stainless steel then remove it from your bag, so you don’t get asked to do to it later.

2. Universal Studios – Both Hollywood and world of adventure will let you bring in your reusable water bottles. You can go to any restaurant; bar service and they will fill it for FREE with water and will charge you for a soda refill. But still man saving so much $$. Tip here is to get a collapsible bottle because you don’t want to carry around a Tumbler, yeti big boy bottle. And some ride lockers wont even fit them.

3. Movies Cinemas – Now this chops and changes depending on what state and country you belong too. So do Check as it does say in the QLD regulations that outside Food and Drink can not be brought in. However, this rule is relaxed and is only enforced if it is hot food or alcohol. So, if you don’t want to pay $6 for a drink of coke or water use your reusable water bottle but be prepared to have it checked for alcohol.

4. Museums – yup. You read that right. Museums will let you take your own beverages and snack containers with the condition they are only consumed in designated areas. You are allowed to walk away from an exhibition and have a drink from your bottle. The museum will also fill your water bottle for free for service counters. (With Water) ask for ice.

5. Here is my favourite. And my thank you for coming to the party. DISNEYLAND. Disneyland now will let you bring in REUSABLE bottles, cups etc into the park. And ready… You will even find FREE ice water fountains (but also soda fountains) you can fill your bottle up around the park! Legend Hey. My tip here is to take a reusable bottle into the park, don’t buy one in the park because like everything else (as much as we love Disney for choosing and encouraging reuse over replace) they are super expensive.