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Capture Precious Moments with SUCKITUPstraws & Chat Books!

We at SUCKITUPstraws are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Chat Books, blending eco-conscious living with cherished memories. Introducing a unique way to capture and store your family’s moments, including those adorable milestones of your fur babies!

Savor Every Milestone, One Page at a Time

For just $10 a month, Chat Books offers an innovative service that transforms your digital memories into tangible keepsakes. From your child’s first steps to your puppy’s latest trick, every development is worth capturing. It's a seamless way to turn fleeting moments into lasting memories.

Your First Book is On Us!

To celebrate this collaboration, your first book from Chat Books is absolutely free! It's our way of saying thank you for embracing this journey of memory-making with us.

Exclusive Gift Just for You!

As a token of our appreciation, when you send us a copy of your Chat Books subscription receipt, we’ll gift you a FREE Silicone Pack and a Keyring Straw from SUCKITUPstraws. This duo is perfect for eco-friendly families on the go.

How It Works:

  1. Click this link to subscribe to Chat Books from just $10 a month.
  2. Enjoy creating your first book for 50% Off.
  3. Forward us the subscription receipt.
  4. Receive your FREE Silicone Pack and Keyring Straw from SUCKITUPstraws.

Why Choose This Collaboration?

  • Capture Every Moment: Don't let those special memories slip away. Chat Books helps you preserve them forever.
  • Eco-Friendly Sipping: Continue your sustainable journey with our silicone straws and portable keyring straw.
  • Perfect for Families: Whether it’s kids or pets, this combo is ideal for families who cherish memories and the environment.
  • Cost-Effective & Convenient: Affordable subscription, a free book, and a complimentary eco-friendly gift set – all with free delivery!

Embrace this unique opportunity to celebrate life’s moments while staying committed to sustainability. Click the link, start your Chat Books journey, and get ready to sip sustainably with your free gifts from SUCKITUPstraws!

 Click here to get your own Chatbook x SUCKITUP Collab Memory Order 

We will send you your Free Gifts once your purchase your Memory Books