3n1 Telescopic Straws with Case and Telescopic Cleaning Brush

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SUCKITUP Straws Telescopic and Portable Comes with a Telescopic Straw, A Telescopic Brush and a Carry Case with a Carabineer Key Ring. 

SUCKITUP Straws Telescopic Straws have 4 different colour straws and 10 different colour cases that makes 40 combos!

Straws are available in Black, Gold, Silver, and Rainbow while cases are available in Blue, Black, Red, Silver, Rose Gold, Purple, Minty Aqua, Orange, Gold and Green.

SUCKITUP Straws are 100% recyclable and reusable - Don't be that guy! SUCKITUP  and look after our environment in style!

Material: 304 Grade Stainless Steel 

Straw Colours: Silver, Rainbow, Black, Gold,

Please note that Gold, Green, and Orange cases are from a different supplier so there maybe some differences between these and our original 7 colours. Still the same material and quality etc. 

Measurements: Length: 100mm(folded),235mm(open) Diameter 7/8/9mm