SUCKITUPstraws Rack Pack 35k (100 Logo straws)

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Are you over complaints of soggy straws? Are you over spending $$ on crap? 

Come hither.... our world first (patented rack) is about to hit the shores of the US of A.  As we grow bigger and the cruise ship industry interest grows with us we don't want to forget or lose sight of those who have supported us.

So we developed & priced this rack pack to save you over $4000! 

Each one of our SUCKITUPstraws reusable metal straws can be washed to around 300-350 washes (we stopped testing after then, it got boring!) before they show wear and tear. Meaning with our Rack pack you get over 35,000 uses or 35,000 single use straws.

SO STOP THROWING AWAY YOUR $$ (literally) show your customers and the industry that your a game changer and invest in your customers experience with reusable straws. 

Our pack also includes FREE ENGRAVING* 

100 Stainless Steel 304 grade Drinking Straws with FREE COLOUR CHOICE and TYPE CHOICE (bent & straight). 

FREE Logo and Design Consult.

1 SUCKITUPstraws patented Dishwasher Rack (currently the only way in the world to bulk clean 100 straws) We recommend 


- Material of the Rack is  made of PP which has good resistance to chemicals and maintain good structural and mechanical integrity at high temperatures.  

Designed to clean & sanitise straight & bent 8mm diameter Suck It Up Straws.  

Designed for rapid loading and separation to maximise water flow between straws 

SIU Rack is configured to adopt an upstanding position to take advantage of the vertical sprays of water from the top and bottom of the dish washer.  

 The size of the apertures top, bottom and diagonal of the basket are designed to maximise water flow from all directions. 

Attached straw cleaning brush attached on the inside of the housing to shift any extra sticky food or microbial items during pre-cleaning or soaking