Single to Mingle Combo - Colour

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New to the Suck It Up range is the "Single to Mingle" combo. 

Until stock runs out, get any color straw, a recycled cardboard SIU sleeve and a brush for $5.00! You can get Rainbow, Black, Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold Straw and because our boss is a GC (Gold coaster) we are now adding Blue to this price range. You can have all colours in bent or straight. 

The Ballin combo (Silver and Rose) is a steady $5.50 all else are a flat $5 including Blue!!

P.S. they are recycled cardboard sleeve so best not to get them soaking wet!

This combo is great! Take advantage of it, team! :)

Suckitup straws are 100% recyclable and reusable - Don't be that guy! Suckitup and look after our environment in style!