Silicone Pack 4 Straws (2 Bent + 2 Straight) Plus Brush & Bag

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Our Silicone range allows everyone to buy intentional. To reuse rather than replace.

We now have everyone's tastes covered! And even better they can have their taste whenever and wherever they want it! 

These Straws are great for the mover, the diner, the takeawayer and those who simply hate paying $15 for a smoothie and getting a paper straw... that tastes funky and crumbles in your drink in about 5 minutes (brain freeze). Each Essential Everywhere Straw you buy you remove over 500 single use straws from use. 

This is our Entry & Economy level straw which is also our kid and silly with straws adult friendly range! 

- New Design
The whole body of our Silicon straw is made of food grade silicone, so you won't feel too cold or hot when sipping. Non-toxic, No Odor, Dishwasher Safe.
- Easy to Clean
The cleaning brush is included in the carry case, you can get your straw clear and clean right away. 
We have a range of colours for our Silicon Straws and in two Sizes with two types. Also don't forget to check out our carry cases and cleaning brushes. You can have a set at home and a set on their bags! 
All are 250mm in length
Large Size is 11.0mm drinking diameter 
Smaller Size 7.5mm drinking diameter 
Pack Comes with 
4 BPA Free Silicone Straws 
- 2 Bent 
- 2 Straight 
Clraning Brush And (We Can Now Personalised your Silicone Straw  Bag