Collapsible Cutlery Set

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NEW detachable picnic travel portable reusable biodegradable wheat straw cutlery set plastic flatware with box.

They have arrived and arrived early which is even cooler as we head into QLD being single use plastic free. The bans are doing great things for reducing our single use waste and plastic pollution for sure and I am super proud as QLD joins the ranks of states that have made the change. NSW I think you are next in 2022.

Let's go a step further and begin to reuse instead of replace where we can, I mean I have not met a soul in the world that loves a paper straw or the weird feeling / taste when you eat off wood / cardboard. Our Reusable and Collapsible cutlery sets solve all your real life problems (trust me I have them too) and provides convenient and compact utensils for all those takeaway, not eating at home situations. They are made from wheat,  and BPA free. More importantly the spoon is a spoon (like has some great depth going on) and the knife is fool proof but can still help you tear into your steak sammy in two. 
As we go in and out of lockdown and want to support our locals with takeaway and dining out, we can help them out a little more by bringing our own cutlery, straws and cups where we can reducing their costs of packaging etc too. 

* These pictures were taken before we got our Logo on them so please know they have SUCKITUP on the cover (like the pink image attached). 

** Please follow cleaning directions on the box - best to use warm soapy water rather than dishwashers as the heat maybe too hot.

Single package size: 13.5X7X3.5 cm

Each Set comes with 

  • SUCKITUPstraws Case (hole for carabiner) 
  • Knife
  • Spoon
  • Chopsticks
  • Fork.