Ballin' Bobo

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Tax included. gets that carrying around the OG Stainless is not for everyone, the ballers, the ladies, and maybe your nana all love a bit of bling. So with our suppliers, we have created the next line/size in the Ballin Range.

We give you the long-awaited Bobo Tea, Bubble Team, Thick as, Pulpy much Smoothie Straw. Available in Black, Rainbow, and Silver.

12 mm in diameter (most straws are 8mm) in comparison, ready for that pearl bubbles, pulp, and ice cream you need to suck up. 

If Rainbow ain't your thing, we also have these Ballin’ Bobo in Black.

Length:  215mm(8.5inch)

Diameter:  12mm

Style: Strictly Straight (physics people)

Material: 304 food-grade stainless steel

Suckitup straws are 100% recyclable and reusable - Don't be that guy! Suckitup and look after our environment in style!

Please NOTE that you are purchase 1 bubble tea straw (12mm opening) not the pictured set. Until we have our own product shots, we can only display these images.