SUCKITUPstraws Travel Cutlery Set

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So many things, events, situations from 2020 made these non website seller a huge hit ( we sold them at markets and select stores). But since they were so popular we have decided to add them to our range for 2021 for a limited time. 
we have a few in stock but when we sell out which we will.. you can get these bad boys from Avalon Gift Store.

All cutlery sets come with a stainless steel straw in the colour of the gift set. So for $29.99 you get:

  • SUCKITUPstraws SS304g Knife 
  • SUCKITUPstraws SS304g Fork
  • SUCKITUPstraws SS304g Spoon
  • SUCKITUPstraws SS304g Straight 6mm straw
  • SUCKITUPstraws SS304g Bent 8mm Straw
  • cleaning brush 
  • and a grey lined SUCKITUPstraws case (super important for when you put the cutlery in went or dirty) all the cutlery is dishwasher safe and you can just wipe out the cutlery set.

4 colours available 

  • Rainbow
  • Black
  • Gold 
  • Rose Gold

upgrade for bubble tea straw for $3 
Upgrade for telescopic straw for $7

please note that the upgrade options do not fit in the case with the other straw 🤙🏾♻️🙏👌 

time to be the cool guy in the office, bar, camper van and or rid eating from cardboard every again! SUCKITUP choose reuse over replace everytime.