Single Straw and Brush set- Choose your Colour

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We now are offering packs of 100 with SUCKITUPstraws Logo for $250. 

Customised, Personalised, Logo Reusable Straws

If you are a Business, Cafe, Real Estate agent, Marketing Manager, Corporate Gifter looking for Business to Business/ Corporate Gifts we can put your logo on to our straws  for FREE!  (MOQ 100) we also can do better prices for you if you wanted more than 100 straws.

Email if you would like more details 


New to the SUCKITUP Straws range is the "Single to Mingle" combo. 

Until stock runs out, get any colour straw, a recycled cardboard SUCKITUP sleeve and a brush for $5.00! You can get Rainbow, Black, Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold Straw and because our boss is a GC (Gold coaster) we are now adding Blue to this price range. You can have all colours in bent or straight. 

P.S. they are recycled cardboard sleeve so best not to get them soaking wet!

SUCKITUP Straws are 100% recyclable and reusable - Don't be that guy! Suckitup and look after our environment in style!