SUCKITUPstraws SLUSHY (Slushee) Straw

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Australia's first Frozen Coke, Slushy (Slushee) Reusable Straw!
Baammm!! Specifically tested, created for our summer fascination with those icy goodness delights.

Our customers have been requesting we find a "slushy" straw for our addiction and we have. We have tested these ourselves(35-45) & with our families (age 5- 18). $8.99 (medium) $9.99 with brush and bag. 
*Large is Suitable for Large Coke Cup from McDonalds 

*Rose Gold is shaped like the other straws, not with the different mouth piece as shown in the photo. 

From twists and turns, to bending steel and bubbling glass. We have increased our straws to include a "fun and funky" range of straws. These are the newest of the new novelty straws. Make reusable fun for the younger gens and the young at heart. 

SUCKITUP Straws are 100% recyclable and reusable - Don't be that guy! SUCKITUP  and look after our environment in style!

 Material: 304 Grade Stainless Steel 

Colours Rainbow, Purple, Blue 177mm Length (medium)

Silver, Rose Gold, Black, 210mm Length (large) want to advise these are fun and great for juice, milk, fizzy, frozen coke, slushees and  cocktails. Maybe don't use this guy for smoothies or bubble tea ;)