SUCKITUPstraws MADDEN Travel Cutlery Set

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So many things, events, situations from 2020 made these non website seller a huge hit ( we sold them at markets and select stores). But since they were so popular we have decided to add them to our range for 2021 for a limited time. 
we have a few in stock but when we sell out which we will.. you can get these bad boys from Avalon Gift Store.

SUCKITUPstraws MADDEN Travel Cutlery Set $25

Available in Rainbow, Black, Gold, Rose Gold  


  • SUCKITUPstraws SS304g Knife 
  • SUCKITUPstraws SS304g Fork
  • SUCKITUPstraws SS304g Spoon
  • SUCKITUPstraws SS304g Straight or Bent 6mm Straw
  • SUCKITUPstraws Straw Cleaning Brush
  • and a grey lined SUCKITUPstraws case 


      4 colours available 

      • Rainbow
      • Black
      • Gold 
      • Rose Gold
      • Pink & Gold 
      • Black & Gold
      • White & Gold
      • Blue& Gold
      • Coffee & Gold
      • Red & Gold
      • Green & Gold

      upgrade for bubble tea straw for $3 
      Upgrade for telescopic straw for $7

      please note that the upgrade options do not fit in the case with the other straw 🤙🏾♻️🙏👌 

      time to be the cool guy in the office, bar, camper van and or rid eating from cardboard every again! SUCKITUP choose reuse over replace everytime.