50 Pack Metal Bubble/boba Tea Straw 12mm (Wholesale) Black, Gold, Purple, Silver, Rainbow, Red, Rose Gold,

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Wholesale Pack - to get logo on the straw you need to order 100 Otherwise these are 50 Pack for Bubble tea you can order a variety of colours (in 50 pk). Just let us know in the email. 

Each bubble / boba tea straw comes with bag, which can be printed. 

For an extra $2 Per bag get your company logo printed on each bag. If you would like this service or would like a separate name on each bag please contact us through chat or the email address below :) 


SUCKITUP Straws are 100% recyclable and reusable - Don't be that guy! SUCKITUP  and look after our environment in style!

We give you the long-awaited Boba Tea, Bubble Team, Thick as, Pulpy much Smoothie Straw. 

12 mm in diameter (most straws are 8mm) in comparison, ready for that pearl bubbles, pulp, and ice cream you need to suck up. 

Length:  215mm(8.5inch)

Diameter:  12mm

Style: Strictly Straight (physics people)

Material: 304 food-grade stainless steel

Each Bubble Boba Tea Straw comes with it's own brush and cleaning bag.