The Good Kind of Blue

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Nothing screams "Leader of the Pack" like the Blue 4 Brews. Wine and dine, smooze and wooze with this piece of new kits! No one will be able to resist whatever it is you bring to the table ;)                                                      Suckitup Straws supplies high-quality safe metal reusable straws, great for smoothies and cafe milkshakes. We can also engrave these metal straws with your company logo for orders over 100 units. 

Length:  8.5", 9.5"

Diameter:  8mm, 9mm

Style: Bent only

Color: Blue

Material: 304 food-grade stainless steel

Please note that due to limited stocks, these stunners are only available in the "Single to Mingle" version or as an individual straw. We will be doing gift packs soon so stay tuned!

The girl guide photo also shows our engraved option third-gen straws...just FYI these are second-generation (without that lippy bit).