BYO Build Ya Own Gift Set

Just for our picky eaters, I mean picky suckers we have for a limited time only (the admin is crazy on this one) a chance for you all to build your own gift set. So you can choose from any colour Rose Gold, Gold, Black, Rainbow (Shine Bright), Silver (OG) and Blue. You can also choose Straight or bent. ALSO, we will give you the bag and brush for free... No need to put the cleaning brush and bag in the shopping cart enter the code BYO and the gift bag fairies will pack it for you. Order one BYO and the shipping will cost you $2.50 order two BYO gift set and the shipping will cost you $2.50. (Pretty Much the best deal delivered is 2 BYO Gift Sets that is any 8 Suck It Up Straw any colour, any style 2 bags 2 brushes DELIVERED for $25) Keep one for you and gift one to a friend!