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Part two of the worlds biggest unanswered question - Why Straws Man? 

Of course, coming into this industry even into the hospitality industry as not an expert in either field, not a master chef nor do I fly my cult flag every time I go to a march. I am just a person looking into an industry that could by a change implemented over night make an impact, a 500 million kind of impact.

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A fun 5 min read on a question I get asked a lot. Why Straws? Why Reusable Straws? Why Do it Champ? - Hint it is one of the easiest things in your life to swap out and has such a big impact. So read this for your more than normal kiwi girl living in Aussie who made the swap :)

If I can you can! 

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NSW Announces going Single Use Plastic Free in June 2022! Find out what SUP's (Single Use Plastics) will be banned from June this year. Including being the first state to ban microbeads... Welcome to NSW peeps and here are the range of Single Use Alternatives you can use available for businesses as well as you, the end user! 

Make an Impact by making a small change... 

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All the ways we can think of to clean our SUCKITUPstraws. How to clean metal, silicone, glass straws at home or on the move with our very popular travel straws.

We also show our straw cleaning rack for hospitality businesses so that they can serve reusable straws instead of crappy paper or shitty plastic straws. By using our rack cafes and restaurants can remove over 35,000 single use straws from cycle. As well as lessening the impact on mother nature we help businesses save over $4000 a year on expendables! 

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Straws, Straws, Straws – who knew 5 years ago these things used to aid drinking would be the talk of the town. The 15th most googled product in 2020 and a part of $75 Million Dollar industry? The world has gone straw crazy, obviously we have. We started a business in providing access to affordable and stylish straws two years ago after a career in the military, it wasn’t a natural progression ladder I promise you 😊! Glass Straws, Silicone Straws, Metal Straws, Bamboo Straws, Grass Straws all the freakin straws!

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